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My first experience with this group of professionals was very serious. Dr. Pietrafitta was called in and saved my life. I know how thorough he is from beginning to end. Very nice group. 
- Shirley L.

Abdominal Surgery

Abdominal surgery is defined as any surgical procedure that involves opening the abdomen. Procedures can be either open or laparoscopic. Open means that an incision is made and the surgery is done under direct vision. Laparoscopic means that the surgery is done by inserting rigid tubes thru a small incisions that allow for a small camera and surgical instruments to be inserted into the abdominal cavity. The surgery is then done through the tubes with the physician viewing on a video monitor.

Many abdominal surgeries are now done laparoscopically. The most common abdominal procedures are removal of the appendix, removal of the gall bladder, colon surgery, hernia repairs of all types, heartburn surgery and exploratory surgery to diagnose medical conditions.