A Special Dedication in the Field of General Surgery.

Patient Testimonials

My first experience with this group of professionals was very serious. Dr. Pietrafitta was called in and saved my life. I know how thorough he is from beginning to end. Very nice group. 
- Shirley L.

Endoscopic Examinations

Endoscopic procedures allow the surgeon to view the inside of the upper and lower portions of the digestive tract through a small scope attached to a video monitor. This technique in used for diagnostic and treatment purposes, which allows us to preform:

  • Pre-surgical evaluations
  • Cancer screening
  • Biopsy and removal of polyps
  • Treatment of bleeding
  • Dilation of strictures

In some cases, traditional surgery in needed to treat diseases of the esophagus, stomach, conditions of the pancreas, liver, small and large intestine and rectal area.