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Hernia FAQs

What causes a hernia? Do I need to have surgery? Get answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding hernias and hernia repair. 
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We appreciate and value your time, so we've created downloadable forms in order to expedite your visit with us.
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Meet Our Physicians

Our surgeons are certified by the American Board of Surgery ( ABS). Our surgeons have training, knowledge and experience...
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Our goal is to provide you with useful information about the most common hernias along with state of the art hernia treatment options. Our physicians are trained and proficient in both laparoscopic and open hernia repair, having collectively performed over 5,000 hernia repairs in the past 20 years. 

Our Medical Director for The Hernia Center, Dr. Joseph Pietrafitta is among a select group of surgeons that pioneered laparoscopic repair of hernias. As far back as 1990 he was investigator in a “Clinical Trial for Laser Laparoscopic Herniorraphy” published in the Journal of Laparoscopic Surgery. Today he continues to work with companies to improve the medical devices and materials used for laparoscopic hernia repair. 

Patient Testimonials

My first experience with this group of professionals was very serious. Dr. Pietrafitta was called in and saved my life. I know how thorough he is from beginning to end. Very nice group. 
- Shirley L.