A Special Dedication in the Field of General Surgery.

Patient Testimonials

My first experience with this group of professionals was very serious. Dr. Pietrafitta was called in and saved my life. I know how thorough he is from beginning to end. Very nice group. 
- Shirley L.

The Hernia Center

Maple Grove Surgical Specialists has been involved in laparoscopic hernia repair for a number of years. Dr. Pietrafitta in particular, has been a pioneer in the development of a number of techniques utilized to perform these minimally invasive procedures. He was one of the original authors who described the first laparoscopic repair of an inguinal hernia in 1989 and has performed thousands of these procedures since then. He continues to work closely with the companies that are developing new techniques and materials for the performance of these procedures which ultimately benefits the patient. Maple Grove Surgical Specialists utilizes these techniques preferentially to repair all types of hernias. These techniques allow for reduced disability, a quicker recovery to normal activity and in many instances a reduced risk of recurrence. They use state of the art techniques and materials to perform these repairs and are truly experts in the area of minimally invasive hernia repair.