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Patient Testimonials

My first experience with this group of professionals was very serious. Dr. Pietrafitta was called in and saved my life. I know how thorough he is from beginning to end. Very nice group. 
- Shirley L.




Does Maple Grove Surgical Specialists care for patients covered by Workers Compensation Insurance?

We see patients that are covered by workers compensation insurance for initial evaluation of injury and for consultations for conditions that may require surgery. Patients requesting an initial evaluation under workers compensation must have reported the incident to their employer before making the appointment.

Patients that are coming for a consultation for surgery must have completed the required paperwork with their employers and bring a claim number, name and phone number of a case worker from the workers compensation insurance company with them to the appointment. If available, an address and billing information is helpful as well.




What should I know about my daily medications before and after surgery?

It is important that you let the surgeon know which medications you take daily or frequently. This includes both perscription and over the counter medications. Some of these may need to be stopped before surgery, particularly blood thinners and diabetic medications. The physician that manages your diabetes should advise you on how to take your diabetic medication on the day of surgery.

Other usual daily medications can generally be taken with a sip of water on the day of surgery. You should bring these medications with you on the day of surgery. If you have any questions about any medication you should call our office. 

After surgery you may be taking perscription pain medication. It is important that you follow the directions about the frequency of taking the pain medication. If you are not getting relief of your pain, it is important to let your surgeon know. 

You will be instructed on when to resume medication that has been stopped prior to surgery. If you did not receive instruction, call the surgeon before you resume any medication. 

If you need refills on any medication that your surgeon has prescribed, please notify your pharmacy and they will contact us regarding the refill. 




What if I am not covered by insurance?

We do see patients that do not have insurance coverage and offer a discount for cash payment. For the initial consultation we ask for payment on the day of the appointment.

If a procedure needs to be scheduled, we ask that you speak with our billing office to determine exactly what the physician charges will be. We do require a down payment prior to you scheduled procedure. The balance can be paid on a regular payment schedule that has been agreed upon by our billing office.

There will be separate charges from hospitals or outpatient surgery centers and anesthesia departments. It is the patient's responsibility to make payment arrangements with those providers.